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Viber Clone Application

In the world of digitalization, an application having good features will grab the popularity, and Viber is one of them. It is taking over the application market and making its place in the app store. Since the technology is updating day by day, people explore something contemporary to maintain its place in the market. And it is reason for cloning of the apps. We, at MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) provide you the scope of Instant messaging App Cloning and other Viber like Apps for your Android/iPhones. We have hands on experience, offering customized and affordable clone app development options. Hire clone app developers who ensure a good ROI and know the virtue of the app and what exactly it would take to bring out an app like Viber. The developers are passionate towards the work and puts maximum efforts to reach the success as well as to achieve the objectives irrespective of the surroundings and situations.


What We Include?

Its has safeguard privacy settings that permits you to share status, block list people you don’t like and also connects Facebook and Twitter and further used to deactivate accounts. The password storage has encrypted options and the user could log in without concerns.



Phone Contacts Synchronization

Upon registration, the contacts are synchronized on the server and the source code recognizes the user's phone contacts that are already present in the clone app. The contacts are synced in the real time and in case if any of them joins later, you can find them in the favorites page.
The Clone app gets you to share different data within the chat window. At a moment, the application allows to share images, videos, location and contacts. The media content is acquired from the chat history. It can restore defaults.

Data Sharing


Social Media Integration

Users can import the pictures from Facebook while registering on the clone app and simultaneously the picture is uploaded to the server for the records. It can be used to monitor celebrities, allowing them to have a public conversation.
Admin can view the total messages exchanged in the platform and has rights to moderate and control the application end-to-end. Admin can also customize the application as per their needs.

Admin Panel


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