What Essential Features should be included in a good navigation app?

by admin ,February 9, 2017

Navigation has transformed remarkably from paper to being completely digital. People used to rely on paper maps before but not anymore. Today, you can find any place on the globe just by entering few search characters. Times have definitely changed, people by using technology made it possible to turn something so basic in such an appropriate thing based on the era they live in.

Navigation App Features

A navigation app basically helps you in finding the right way to your destination. When you are in a new city or don’t know the way to a certain place, GPS app is your best option and solution. You just have to open the app, enter the location of the destination and the app will generate the best possible route for you to reach the destination.

Just imagine if more features get added to the blend, such as alternative routes, coordinates depending upon different transportation modes, external aspects recordings and much more. There are countless possibilities that developers will incorporate new features in navigation apps but let us look at some critical features that mobile app developers should include in any GPS navigation app they develop.

POI (Point of interest)

A decent navigation app should focus not only on the route but also on the side elements of the route. This means that a sound app should integrate specific point locations into the key navigation experience. This greatly helps the users in determining when to turn left or right, they can get information about nearest restaurant, gas station, car repair shop, etc. Many existing apps associate with third-party service providers to deliver extra features within the app.

Magnitude coverage

The major role of these applications is to help you find waypoints in foreign places but if the internal app database only includes a few towns and cities then they are really not much of a help. But, if the app includes more magnitude coverage, then the degree at which this could become an authentic source of information is incredible and on top of this if it would support global provisions then it would be of great benefit to the app users. Moreover, offline access to maps should be supported, so that people can download maps and use them whenever they need them (when they can’t access the Internet).


A GPS navigation app should incorporate broad scope of possibilities and navigation alternatives, such as public transportation pathways and schedules, directions to reach the destination by different transportation modes other than a car and alternative routes for any particular transportation mode. Many top apps have included additional functionality such as climate and traffic flow reports in their respective apps.

Thus, one should develop a navigation app on the basis of the target audience of their respective business. Be clear about what new aspects to incorporate in your GPS app. Connect with experts that will translate your app idea into a decent functional app. Mobile app development India delivers exceptional mobile app development solutions for all OS platforms.

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