What features should a travel app include?

by admin ,January 27, 2017

There were times when arranging for a trip on your own was a real struggle, and for others there were travel agencies.

As the saying goes “it’s a small world”, has actually become true in all sense. As the technology has escalated beyond its par excellence, traveling to different places is no longer a big deal. You can visit any place, stay at your preferred hotel, with just a few taps on your phone. For all types of trips and tourists needs, a particular application is developed.

Travel app delivers hassle-free travel experience and generally helps to explore more. The mobile travel app development can help in expanding your business or unlock entirely new opportunities. But, before opting for any business strategy, we need to be clear about the purpose of their use and their most general features. A typical travel planner app almost incorporates all aspects that are mentioned below.

travel app development

Travel arrangement

By using this app, the user can look for destinations and itineraries save e-tickets and QR codes. Yes, the user can make use of different apps for different purposes, but it is more favourable to develop one travel organizer app for all those objectives.

Travel History

Many people while on trips love to capture their adventures by taking notes. Well, notes as in pictures, videos, texts and even audio records. In this context, they would be grateful for the diary app. If a travel journal or diary app is developed, then there are possibilities that it could become a base point for travelers’ blog community.

Navigation & geolocation

When you are in a foreign place, it is more comfortable to be knowledgeable about where you are now and how to reach the main destination. About 54% of all mobile app users use one or another navigation app and amongst the tourists, this number rises to 85%.
The prime feature of a travel app is the facility to work offline. Native app development provides a map or itinerary app with appropriate functioning even without Wi-Fi.

Moreover, every tourism app requires the feature of geolocation, hence a GPS should be integrated into the travel app. After reaching their destination, a tourist needs to locate a hotel, a cafe, an eatery or a local attraction. Your travel app should be able to provide this by quickly locating the places (by GPS) and provide results to the user.


The reservations of ticket and accommodations are highly popular amongst the native as well as foreign travelers. The customer should get information about best deals and notifications for variation in costs. Moreover, the app should include an inbuilt option for transport or hotels check-ins all in one app.

Reviews & Recommendations

Users should be able to review or recommend a place and share their travel experiences with other app users. This will improve the provisions of cafes, motels, and other businesses. Users should get this feature in the app instead of installing other application to find these services.

Transport services

Getting around a foreign city can be tricky. The most important part of a trip is cab service. You can help the customers to get around the city by integrating cab tracking feature in your application.


Your app will become the preferred one if you add this feature in your application. When traveling to an offshore place, travelers face difficulties in understanding the native language as well as in communicating with the regional people. Your app should be able to scan texts and translate it into visuals, real-time voice data translation and translate text too. This translator feature should top your list if you want your app to exceptional.

Travel weather app

Weather conditions play an important role in trip planning. Your app should include real-time climate forecast and alert for future weather predictions. Users should be able to get information about wind speed, temperature and cloud formation patterns

Local emergency services and insurance

Emergencies can crop up regardless of specific hour and location. Your travel app should include emergency services and contact number to provide a 24/7 service to the travelers.

Currency Converter

What if during the trip you need to exchange some currency? Your travel app should have currency exchange rates (both current and past variations) so that a traveler doesn’t have to download another app, particularly for the exchange rates.

World Clock time converter

Well, this is very useful for tourists who travel to a different time zone. Simple yet effective, this feature should be in your travel app.

Well, you can add the above or some extra features (such as Wi-fi finder, social dining ) which you think are vital for your project. But do consider to include all these features in your Travel mobile app to stand out amongst the other apps in the market. Presently, the travel app industry is thriving and you need to hire the best developers team to develop a unique and effective travel app. Mobile app development India has a team of proficient developers who caters services for customized Travel App Development for your business projects.