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Whatsapp Clone Application

Whatsapp Clone – The real-time chat application makes your communication easier at your fingertips filled with tons of sturdy features. And If you are thinking to become the challenger in Live Chat App, then MAADI (Mobile application Development India) is your standing partner. We get you to enrich your trademark using cross platform professional networking app, tested for high performance to tolerate any challenge in the field.The best performing clone app on the web benefits with single chat, group chat and so on. We believe that there are a number of inventions possible with the whatsapp clone script and our in-house developers have expertise in summoning up for you. We offer reliable development tasks and our chatting app development services aim at emerging and concluding the app.


Generally, the estimated time for the application depends on the needs and wants of your clone application.

Having skilled and certified developers, we advise you with unique ideas for Swoon, Grindr and Tinder, get designed and developed as specified by you for your identical applications. We can tailor the application to create the identical app with enhanced features.

  • Its not just an app cloning, all you need is to re-create a meaningful app. It authorizes the current source code to benefit different alcoves with different layouts. Take an example, you can recreate the WhatsApp to have your own community of Fitness and Health Professionals who communicates via social messaging.
  • You can add In-App Purchases like cloud storage, feature Unlock, stickers and other features.
  • You can leverage your apps by advertisements, similar to google. Moreover, you can also add the feature to buy Remove ads as an in-app purchase, if the users are intended to use the ad-free messaging experience.

At MAADI, our team of skilled and talented developers assure for the quality and is well-tested satisfying all your needs. Our team goes an extra mile to analyze and understand the best possible ways to promote the App. Nevertheless, it does not work if you clone just for the sake of cloning. And standing out from the clutter depends on the vocation you choose.

In this emerging world of internet, trust is the foremost thing. And we at MAADI are well-versed with a wide range of projects that is clearly being observed by our work done and you are always welcome to work with us and experience it yourself.

What We Include?

The chat history is recorded on the history screen of the clone app and is also synchronized with real-time and if any of them changes the profile image, the screen image is effectively changed. At a time the message not seen is updated and the most recent chat is displayed at the top. This is managed by the source code and also saved to the drive of your authorized e-mail.

Chat History


Phone Contacts Synchronization

Upon registration, the contacts are synchronized on the server and the source code recognizes the user's phone contacts that are already present in the clone app. The contacts are synced in the real time and in case if any of them joins later, you can find them in the favourites page.
Alike chat application gets you to share different data within the chat window. At a moment, the application allows to share images, videos, location and contacts. The media content is acquired from the chat history.

Data Sharing


Audio/Video Call

The Clone app supports audio/video calling via WebRTC. To manage the calls, the signaling system is developed in Socket.IO and uses pre-built Node JS backend software. Feel free to talk and see another person when you speak.
Users can import the pictures from Facebook while registering on the clone app and simultaneously the picture is uploaded to the server for the records.

Social Media Integration


Admin Panel

Admin can view the total messages exchanged in the platform and has rights to moderate and control the application end-to-end. Admin can also customize the application as per their needs.


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