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Whisper Clone Application

In this world of technology where meeting and sharing has become demanding, then whisper and secret clone app comes into the picture where sharing and connecting becomes easy. This app has indented in the population over the past few years. Why not crack with same identical apps?? MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) has gone all way long and flawed with similar apps before. We are focusing to become one of the reowned anonymous mobile chat app development service providers in the mobile industry. Our sole aim is to facilitate user with messaging. MAADI is the progressive brand, in offering unique solutions for your clone application development. Our clone app developers go a for an extra mile to deliver you with new futuristic solutions to meet your specific requirements in the competitive world of technology, entertainment and branding. Moreover, we also get you with the promotion of your clone apps when you partner us.


Generally, the estimated time for the application depends on the needs and wants of your clone application. Approximately, we can estimate 4-5 weeks.

You can add unique features like posting pictures, news, jokes, etc. anonymously to the public. Even you can add your own specifications like a non-unique display name and many more according to your niche etc.

You can earn large amount of money with the anonymous through advertisement, Gizmos rewards/ Price/ Points System and in-app purchases like to unlock features, premium stickers etc.

You can concatenate the features of secret and whisper app, it is all up to you the niche you select. Based of that, our talented developers ensure you with the high-quality app and moreover we also get you with the best features to market your app.

In this emerging world of internet, trust is the foremost thing. And we at MAADI are well-versed with a wide range of projects that is clearly being observed by our work done and you are always welcome to work with us and experience it yourself.

What We Include?

Many a times, sign-up process requires to fill in the information. The clone app gets you to post directly from all over the world and also asks the info if you want to create your own post or interact with someone else's. It assigns each user unique with anonymous username which you can change later.

Sign-Up Process


Interface and Design

The clone app includes elegant timeline, that allows the users to scroll vertically like Instagram's feed. Each having information at the bottom with the no. of likes and also whether the anonymity comes from a friend or a more distant connection.
Creating a post in the clone app gets you with lots of fun. Users are induced to enter the text you want to post, the application automatically searches for the releated picture and inserts into the post. You can no doubtedly change the picture, but the fun is the picture suggested.

Automatic Internet Image



More than likes and comments, the clone app also features private messaging. He/She can hold a private, anonymous conversation. It gets you to interact with everyone.
The clone app takes the anonymity to the next level. Firstly, no one has assigned username and secondly, you can interact with an individual user through a comment thread. No point of reference to any other posts. Even you may be talking to the exact same person in a different thread, and you'd have no way of knowing.

Maintaining Anonymity


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