Why Mobile App Development India Is The Preferred Choice?

In the recent years, India has become the most preferred destination for mobile app development. Mobile app development in India has experienced a transformation, with more and more companies exploring its potential in the field of mobile app development.

The reason for this can be attributed to the expertise of the top mobile app development India developers in HTML5, extensive knowledge about the integrated development environment, round the clock support, efficient costing strategies and many more such factors. At Mobile App Development India, expert solutions are provided for all kinds of app development needs. We at Mobile App Development India ensure that our clients get timely service at the most affordable cost.

India has the highest growth rate in tablet sales. The country manages to sell 1 lakh tablets every year. Venture Capitalists are willing to invest huge amounts in the industry. Indian SMB’s are increasingly becoming popular. A report by Avendus Capital has forecasted that mobile app development in India will is expected to be of $30 million worth by 2016. We at mobile-app-development-india.com understand this rising demand. The report also suggests that the demand for developers using the iOS platform is also on the rise. In order to cater to the ever increasing requirements of the clients, we hire iPhone and iPad developers who can efficiently work on the iOS platform.

At MAADI, we have expert HTML5 developers. HTML5 is popular for its compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms. Our mobile app developers are trained and skilled in utilizing HTML5 effectively to create the best and most high quality mobile apps. Their strong domain knowledge is an asset in the development of mobile apps.

Our aim is always to simplify the user experience. Our developers have a clear understating of platforms and they use cross-platform development through the technique of ‘Drag and drop’ in order to alleviate the requirement of complex coding.

Our developers have in depth knowledge about MEAP/MCAP which is essential for the development of both Android and iOS apps.

System integration has a major impact on the success of the mobile app. This depends on the implementation of UX framework and design. We understand user behaviour and implement this knowledge in designing the mobile apps.

The reason for India’s popularity as a mobile app development destination can be attributed to the low cost of app development. India offers the cheapest mobile app development solutions across the world.
We offer 24/7 availability to our clients so that any issues arising during the development or usage of mobile apps is quickly resolved.

Another reason for India’s growth as a mobile app development destination is IT acts 2000. This has made India a preferred destination for investors. The Indian Government is offering 100% foreign equity. It is also and backing IT infrastructure development. These tax saving options have added to the popularity of India as a mobile app development destination.

All these factors have had a great impact on making India the preferred mobile app destination. With the availability of expert developers in the country, the popularity is set to increase in the future.