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Yik-Yak Clone Application

Yik Yak has been just one year old, and has reached million of users. With so many clone apps created, this app marked with the great strikes and spreading like a storm among young generation. Why not grab this opportunity to build around the monetization and attract millions of users with billions of revenue. To carve a vocation, MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) sketches out the same with the help of our iOS developers. We believe in the uniqueness and our mobile app developers have sculpted the alcoves by building Yik Yak like anonymous social messaging clone apps. We count on an entrepreneurial approach to work. MAADI creates perfect environment to take a step ahead for any business model to keep your place in the market for both dynamic and challenging global markets. We follow an entrepreneurial approach to work where ideas are motivated and our iOS developers excel it in a new shape. More than this we also promote your apps when you collaborate with us to create an anonymous cloning app.


What We Include?

These are user ratings if the post gets famous, it receives increasing no. of upvotes and for negative downvotes the no. of upvotes displays a positive number next to it. If the post has negative numbers and reaches -5, then it is deleted permanently.




Peek into other community feeds anonymously into some college or city in the world. Users can view other clone app posts, but cannot vote or post into that community from their device. They can only post in their local community but for a clone app you can customize the feature.
These tabs get you to switch the settings of the feed. Even the oldest can be viewed depending on the number of posts per unit time, but does not extend more than one hour in age. And the hot tab displays the posts having more upvotes. This allows flexibility to users and reduces time.

New/Hot Tabs


My Herd

This feature allows you to set a single area from where the user is able to read posts and post to it. This improves' application popularity on college campus as they can keep up with same when they are away.
The clone app contains a word filter which shows the confirmation when they are using some offensive words. When posted, gets removed after some period of time. And the post is removed directly and then activated after some words are used.

Hidden Features


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