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Top Cities for Hire App Development Company in India 2019

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    Ahmedabad, Delhi, Banglore and Hyderabad are among top IT cities in India, we talk about a country that has successfully carved a niche for being an enormous IT hub that is home to some of the best app development companies in the world along with being a

    What Do You Need For Your App Startup Business?

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      The mobile app development sector has taken a huge leap in the last decade. Mobile apps have turned into a necessity nowadays. Mobile apps are drawing profit like no other business domain in the market. Since the rapid growth of business in this field, en

      Influence of IoT and Mobility on Travel Industry

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        Smartphones and mobile apps are making possible for millions of travelers to stay connected and productive as they travel the world. Customer-facing mobile apps are offered by the airlines with the perception that these apps will be the standard connectio

        4 Fundamental security measures for your enterprise mobile apps

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          Any giant corporate organization has to make sure that all the data stored within their mobile app is secure. The usage of mobile devices has been increasing day after day with no indication of slowing down anytime in the near future. The utilization of m

          The Impact of the Recall of Samsung Note 7 Units

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            Samsung has been in the news for the recall of its various Galaxy Note 7 units. However, the overall situation spells some good news for users. The recalled units will have new software that will provide users additional warnings regarding using the devic

            The unique features of Android devices that makes them score above Apple

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              The war between Android and iOS devices never seems to fade. Both the rivals battle with each other to win the trust and loyalty of customers. Although the features provided by both the rival mobile platforms are generally similar, Android users can avail

              Using the Unique Features of Google Maps for a Better Experience

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                Google maps is a popular application that is used by a number of people to seek help in various location related issues. There have been some significant changes in the functions of the application. Few of them include: Offline maps Google allows user

                Tips and Tricks for Android users by Google

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                  Google recently launched a special website that can improve the experience of users of Android devices. The website offers tips and tricks that can easily be implemented by Android users. It is inspired from Google’s very own website which gives tips fo