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Apple 2016: A year full of positive and negative anomalies

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It's hard to glance back at Apple's 2016 and call it a win-win year for them. Rumors started spinning around in January that this year Apple would publish a notable iPhone update, new Macs and much more. Also, there were rumors about Apple's grand automo

Top 8 features you need to know in the new iOS 10.2 version

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With the recent launches of iOS 10, iOS 10.1 the new addition to the iOS versions, i.e. 10.2 is going to be introduced in the month of December. But before that the beta version gives us a glimpse of what the latest features will include and what are the

The iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 Update – What it Offers

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The 10.0.3 update which is available in iPhone 7 models has a lot to offer in terms of features and characteristics. The update is less than 100MB and provides some amazing bug fixing solutions. Few things to know about this update include: Performance

Know about new perks & features of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

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Apple has lived up to its tradition and unveiled the latest iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. This marks the annual refresh that Apple resorts to with respect to its various models. The new model bids farewell to the headphone jack, an innovation which is all set

A Sneak peek into the Core Features of Galaxy Note 7

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Android devices hold 97% market share and continue to dominate the smart phone and tablet industry. iOS devices have recorded a fall in market share as compared to the increasing popularity of Android devices. Keeping with the growing popularity of Andro

The Anticipated Future of Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has caught the fancy of many people. With its increasing popularity, the game looks promising. Pokemon Go has witnessed many downloads and has got immense social media and press exposure. The terrific design and the amazing features have contri

Apple iOS 9 release: Know what great features it thrives for iPhone clientele

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Being a mobile iPhone enthusiast, you must waiting for appreciative featured iOS release as a technological advancement to experience something new and tremendous features. Here are emerging iOS 9 enhancements described. As of now, considering any tech

iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s plus has been introduced with some Technology Advancements

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Apple INC has finally launched its most awaited decvices iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s plus. Apple has revealed its products at the event held in San Francisco. They have also launched Apple TV, iPad pro, and Apple watch to the world. The resources reveal