Future of Mobile App Development: Trends and Technology

Future of Mobile App Development: Trends and Technology

Billions of people around the world are using smartphone every day. According to Statista, more than 6 billion people have smartphone. This is created a global demand for mobile application development. As we technology progresses with giant leap, app development is not behind. We are now implementing new technology and incorporating it with mobile app. More and more businesses are now investing in mobile app development company in India to create better apps for their customer. Let see what is the future trends of mobile applications are and how it can help us.

Future of Mobile App Development and Trends

Blazing Fast 5G

Currently over 500 million people are using 5G technology and it’s expected to reach over 4 billion by 2026. Ever since the launch in 2019, 5G is making a seismic shift in mobile app development. 5G offers has better internet speed compared to LET by 100-fold, as LTE provides 300 Mbps while lighting fast 5G offers 3 Gbps.

5G offers more than speed and that’s why it has many potentials for mobile app development. Better and stable speed allows developers to create app that focuses on provide information quickly and live. One of the applications of 5G speed is to use it for GPS devices and location-based services for live updates. It has better connectivity thereby improves the communication. 5G will offer new solution for IoT application as speed was their only drawback. Faster internet means smoother video streaming and video conferences. Mobile app development can utilize 5G to provide many different services which were not possible before.

Advance IoT Applications

Internet of things is not something new but as the time progress and new technology made available, the applications of IoT increases. IoT is all about connecting devices with the internet and mobile apps plays a vital role in it. Currently, we are using mobile applications as bridge that connects devices and allow us to operates it. We can use Android or iOS app development to create apps that start the fire place or dim the light and start any music. There are hundreds of applications available for IoT integration with mobile apps.

However, all of the implementation we mentioned are currently in use, so what’s the future for IoT in mobile app development? One of the future trends of IoT is in medical sector where it’s known as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things). We can connect different medical devices through a single mobile app to monitor patents data. Similarly, IoT can make waves in industrial usage by providing constant update all the other connected devices.

Future of Beacon Technology

Beacon technology was introduced in 2013 by Apple as iBeacon. It is Bluetooth device with a sensor chip that integrate with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE). It sends our signals to any nearby devices and send them a notification based on their location. Currently, many museums, hospitals and hotels are using it to send relevant information to the user including ads too.

We can use this technology to build mobile applications that help users to solve their everyday problems. It can help users find locations, shops, emergency services and more. Businesses are using it to send ads to nearby users to their physical location of the shop. There are lots of possibilities and potentials with beacon technology and mobile app development for the future.

Smart and Trendy Wearable

Wearables are one of the most successful segments in the past year. More than 500 million of wearable units are sold in 2021 and it will reach to $400 billion in market share by year 2030. Wearables are smart devices that provides information to their user via mobile application. Smart watches, fitness tracker, smart glasses and more are just few examples of this technology.

This IoT based devices will get major boost as 5G launches all around the world. We can use wearable technology with android or iOS app development application to create apps that provide different functionality. From tracking weather, health, news to countless other applications is in store for the future.

Safe and Secure Blockchain

Blockchain has come a long way from a fairy tale to reality and we are now witnessing many practical applications like cryptocurrency from it. Blockchain are simply a data storing mechanism that store data in blocks. However, it has higher standard in security and privacy which is why companies are now integrating it with mobile applications.

Mobile wallets have become a norm with Gen Z but they need extra security which is possible with blockchain. We can build mobile wallet applications that uses blockchain technology to send and receive money without any data breach. Combining blockchain with IoT can result in ironclad security for all devices in the network and safety in data transfer.

Immersive AR/VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are no longer a science fiction. AR creates the virtual world through a mobile app in real world while VR creates a virtual world by closing of real world around us. One of the most popular AR mobile applications we all love are Pokémon Go and IKEA place. The future of AR in mobile application is bright as we use 5G speed to create augmented reality. There are countless applications for healthcare, ads, 360-degree view and more.

Meta has opened the floodgates for VR technology in mobile applications. Future of VR is exciting as there are countless possibilities of utilization with mobile app development. Such as using VR for tourism, real estate, art and education. We can create mobile applications that works with VR to provide immersive experience.

Instant apps

In 2016, Google lunched instant app feature for play store and in 2020, apple launched app clip for iOS. Both have similar functions as they provide app like environment without installing the app. Users can test the app and use some features and if they like it, they can download and install the app.

Most mobile app developers are now using this feature to expand their apps reach. There are many utilizations of this like, users can scan any QR code with instant app and find information or play a game without downloading. We can Hire Mobile App Developer to create instant app for our mobile applications that allow users to experience it before using it.

Cloud Based Apps

Cloud bases mobile apps offers all the features without using too much space and processing. This type of mobile applications uses cloud computing for some or all data processing and data storing. It allows app developers to create a large-scale application that can process higher amount of data and store it securely without relying the devices.

Businesses can manage every aspect of the work with a simple cloud-based SaaS application. Once we remove the device limitation for application development, we have world of opportunity to create solution using cloud-based apps.


What was once just figment of imagination are now manifested in to technology. From bulky black and white mobile phone to sleek and slim smartphone, technology is running at lighting speed. Mobile app developments are not far behind as they utilize those new technology in their work. Some of the best mobile app company in India are now building app based on future proof app designs. All of this future mobile app trends proves the world is ready it and all we have to do is build the app.