Making Your Mobile App Design Lively With Motion Design

by admin ,April 19, 2018

There are over 5 million applications, combining the Apple app store and Android app store. These applications are in a constant cut-throat competition with each other. For the application to win in this competition, it should have something really special that sets them apart from all the other applications on the app store. The success of the application depends on several factors such as development, testing, marketing, etc but there is one more factor that is really important to determine the success of the application and it is the design of the application.

The design of the application is important to increase the user retention rate of the application. It is also an important part of any Mobile App Development project. Moreover, the design of the application also helps the application engage the user with the services that you provide. The normal design are used by many applications and they are attracting fair enough number of users. The field of the designing has evolved in the past couple of years. The design has become more engaging and expressive than previous design modules. The design has evolved from static design to dynamic motion designs where it runs on animations and moving design elements. Here are some tips that can help you perfect the motion design of the application.

Mobile App Development Motion Design

Timing of the motion

The timing of the motion should be accurate and should only be generated when initiated by the user. The motion coming out of the blue without any initiated action should be avoided. If you are looking to incorporate motion into your user interface then make sure it is only triggered by the user’s interaction. The motion can be added to design in situations when entering the wrong password and an animated tick to show if the password is right.

Animation speed

The animation speed is an important factor because of the fact that you are creating an application for humans and not superheroes. The animation speed should be perceivable to enhance the engagement of the user with the application. Better the design of the animation, more engaging the content of the application. Therefore calibrate the speed of the motion according to the perceiving capabilities of your end users.

Animation quality

The quality of the animation should be clear and the clarity of the elements should be better. An attractive animation is a key to an efficient app design. There are many applications with low-quality animation that frustrates the user because the user cannot perceive the content that is being shown to them. The use of good designing tools can help you create a good quality design of an application.

Motion movement path

The motion design may require enough display space to complete the movement that is being assigned to the motion. There are many things to take care of while setting the path of the motion design such as it doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the application. The motion should not make any unnecessary interaction with the buttons and the informative content that is displayed on the application.

These are the tips for designing an engaging motion design for your application. There are many Mobile App Designing Services that use these techniques to shape an efficient application that can be beneficial for the business. Let this be a wakeup call for the Picasso inside you, with the help of the above-given tips, you can also create an application that will engage your user in your application.