The All-New World of Augmented Reality and Mobile App Marketing

by admin ,January 22, 2021

The All-New World of Augmented Reality and Mobile App Marketing

Augmented marketing in today’s world is one of the most emerging trends and is highly being used in the sales and marketing strategies. Today when most part of the world is under the restriction of travel; AR comes at a rescue and provides the users with the virtual experience of the physical world.

AR superimposed the digital information and content over the reality of physical world. It certainly paves way for smart devices to give the user with altogether a completely different experience.

What is Augmented Reality?

It refers to a technology that place the digital information over the real physical world in the form of images, sound, and text and it is accessible though any form of digital device. The virtual graphics refers to the scene created through computer using the camera, GPS, and other devices. AR has upgraded the mobile app marketing services in India.

One of the best examples of AR is Pokémon GO which is a gaming app which allows the users to find and catch the Pokémon’s at different places in their surroundings.

One more example of AR is IKEA Place where the users can just virtually place the furniture items at IKEA store in their home to get an idea that how will it look in real.

The above examples show that how AR contributes to engaging the user or customers and it can enhance the mobile app marketing campaigns in India.

Benefits of using AR for the mobile App marketing:

  • • Boosts up the customer engagement

The AR helps to create such an interactive platform that makes the users to come back to the app again and again to experience that thing. E.g. L’Oreal brand though their app-Style My Hair- offered the option where the users can literally see an after effect of using their different products.

This not just increases the customer engagement but also increase their sales directly.

  • • Amplifies the Brand recognition

Customers are easily drowned toward the innovative interface of interaction initiated by the company through their app. So, even if they do not buy their product, they become aware of the brand and their offerings.

The app users are impressed by the virtual sessions and spend their time knowing about the product.

  • • Increase in the retention rates which contributes to Brand Loyalty

The virtual image accompanied by sound and graphics makes it very easy for the users to understand even the complex products and that too in an interactive way.

The clearer is the understanding, the user is more convinced of the product and would like to use it repeatedly to enhance their experience. This leads to a two-way benefit of both customers app marketing companies and contributes to the repeated sale of the product.

  • • Exploring Demography to raise sales

When the consumers are targeted as per their geographical location as well as the purchasing behavior then it is more impactful and converts the leads to sales.

AR uses geolocation as one of their tools which captures the user’s location and then suggest them accordingly like locating the mobile stores nearby your area. This increases the sales of the offline stores of the company.

  • • Contributes to Word-of-Mouth marketing

When one customer is happy with the entire interactive interface as well as the product then they will share their experience in their circle of friends and colleagues, which will trigger them as well to once have the same experience.

This chain of appreciation by the user himself is one of the most effective and best tools of marketing which is also completely free of cost.

Apart from the above benefits there are certain challenges as well which is given below:

Complexity of developing the app demands for highly experienced and knowledgeable developers,

Customer’s adaptability to the mobile App is uncertain.


To conclude the above we can say that AR is one of the best ways to connect with the people by presenting the real world in a very interactive form at any digital platform. The best tools of AR can give a very long-lasting experience to the user. Although this technology is yet to evolve completely but scope of Mobile app marketing in India is huge.