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Innovative Healthcare Application Development Services in India

Are you looking for the top healthcare app development company? Today’s extremely competitive business world demands that business owners revolutionize the way they offer services to their end-consumers. The on-demand healthcare app allows patients to obtain healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for them to leave their homes. They can get appointments from the qualified medical professionals and get expert assistance for their treatments. Furthermore, it would help medical practitioners preserve a record of the patient's medical data as well as an accurate record of all appointments and history.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Healthcare App Development Company in India

Several companies benefit from creating healthcare apps by enabling physicians and patients to log in and keep track of reservations and appointments, making the process simple and efficient.

  • Improves productivity for medical professionals
  • Allows for flexibility in scheduling appointments at the patient's convenience
  • Reduces the risk of diagnostic errors
  • Guarantees instant medical assistance to the patients at the time of emergencies
  • Assists the industry in efficiently and effectively automating their services

How can MAADI help you develop Healthcare App Development Services?

At MAADI, we are backed up with a team of experienced healthcare mobile app developers who follow the best techniques and processes during the process of building the on-demand healthcare app to make sure that patients, the medical professionals, and the doctors from the healthcare industry, all get the maximum advantages through it. Being a reliable healthcare app development company in India, we are committed to building customized on demand healthcare app solutions as per the needs and requirements of the app users. These benefits alone should persuade you to use the on-demand healthcare software for your industry right away.  will also make it easy to manage the patients easily. Even the patients will be able to get back to their original state of health without much delay. You can rely on us as your partner through the process. Being a leading provider of healthcare mobile app development, we guarantee a solution that will revolutionize the way you treat patients.

Basic Features of Application

Healthcare app development services has following benefits that make it so easy and effective for the doctors as well as for the patients. With these benefits, the need for healthcare app development in India has lately surged dramatically.

  • Live Video Calling
  • Book Appointment Now/Schedule for Later
  • List of Medical Professionals
  • Read Health Articles
  • Book Diagnostic Tests
  • Order Medicines Online
  • Maintain Digital Health Records
  • Buy Family Health Plans

The Technology Stack We Use for Healthcare App Development

  • Android

  • Android Studio

  • Fabric IOS

  • Google API

  • Mean Stack

  • Mentis BT

  • Saas

  • Swift IOS

  • Xcode

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I made a deal with Maadi for application of Mitsubishi taxi service and gave a very short period of time to develop as I needed on an urgent basis. No wonder they accepted the approach and assured to meet the deadline. The developers were highly motivated and skilled and shocking was they delivered the application within the given time frame. I am highly impressed with the team’s commitment, skill set and experience.


I have worked with Maadi for a year and I am pleased with their great attention to detail, availability and more importantly, their knowledge. They have proved themselves to be capable and willing partners. The team was dogged in their pursuit of creative solutions for each of our unique questionnaires. I would recommend them without hesitation.


We needed to get a mobile app built to support our manufacturing company. From the outset, I found Maadi very professional in terms of communication, technical skills, flexibility and quick assimilation of our needs. They performed their responsibilities with diligence and punctuality. The bottom line is that I would recommend Maadi for any mobile application.

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