Fintech and Banking’s Top Use Cases for Blockchain

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by admin ,December 23, 2022

Blockchain technology’s potential has generated global interest since the last few years. A sizable crowd gathered around it is seeking chances to embrace and use this revolutionary technology in their organization. Blockchain’s distinct characteristics can significantly advance the financial sector in several ways. In this article, we will talk about uses of blockchain in financial services. Before you start looking for the best Blockchain app development company in India, you should understand Blockchain and its applications.

What is Blockchain Technology?

A blockchain could be a distributed ledger that’s shared among the nodes of a laptop network. Blockchains perform as digital information bases that store data electronically.  Blockchains are well recognized for their vital role in cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin, where a secure and decentralized record of transactions is maintained. The good thing about a blockchain is that it creates trust while not the necessity for a third party you’ll have faith in by making certain the accuracy and security of a knowledge record.

Blockchain in Finance describes the application of blockchain technology in the financial sector. The development of blockchain-based financial services solutions can assist the industry in several ways. Decentralized Finance, more formally referred to as Defi, has also been made possible through blockchain in financial services. With intelligent contracts, Defi, a type of financing enabled by blockchain technology, intends to do away with intermediaries from the financial services industry.

Recent Trends in the Financial Industry:

The global financial system supports billions of people and transacts billions daily. By 2022, the financial services sector is predicted to generate USD 2.6 trillion. With such lofty heights come several difficulties that the financial industry has long faced. These difficulties, which range from delays, needless paperwork, and data breaches to the high costs of many stakeholders, have been the main contributors to the enormous losses the sector experiences each year. According to a PWC analysis, economic crimes annually affect 45% of financial intermediaries, including stock exchanges, money transfer services, and payment networks. Blockchain technology may address some problems facing the world’s financial system.

Blockchain Use Cases in Banking and Finance:

  1. Effortless Payments

Banking institutions can enable immediate payments by implementing decentralized payment channels. Additionally, it permits greater security for every person. However, it is believed that by 2025, blockchain will fundamentally alter the payments sector.

Banks can leverage the following benefits while using blockchain:

– A high level of security while transmitting money
– Fast and secure transfers
– Real-time operations
– Expedient cross-border payments

  1. Tokenized Assets

Illiquid assets are becoming more widely accessible, thanks to tokenization. In this case, a non-bankable purchase is represented digitally by a token created using blockchain technology.

These investments can be made more widely available by breaking an item into smaller sections represented by tokens, such as a painting or an antique vehicle. Banks are in a solid position to reach this sizable consumer category because, historically, these assets have only been accessible to wealthy customers.

  1. Raising Funds 

All blockchain-related businesses aim to streamline the payment process by finding creative ways to raise money. Initial Exchange Offerings (CEOs), Security Token Offerings, and Equity Token Offerings (ETO) are some of the businesses that fall under this category (STOs).

  1. Improved Clearance and Settlement System

Additionally, it could make it possible for bank transactions to be done immediately and with improved tracking. This eliminates the requirement for financial institutions to rely on a web of regulatory agencies and custodial services. Consequently, it is simple to complete transactions.

  1. Loans and Credit Facility

In conventional financial institutions, credit records are only verified after loans are underwritten. However, users may now get safer and quicker peer-to-peer loans that are safer and quicker than conventional ones, thanks to a new blockchain technique.

  1. Automated Identity Verification

You may benefit from a quick verification procedure here. This is because identity verification may also be used safely for other services.

“Zero-Knowledge Proof” is one of the most well-known innovations in this field. Large businesses and numerous nations are currently developing a solution that supports ZKP. It’s crucial to pick the appropriate industrial wireless technology to take advantage of these and other advantages.

  1. Accounting and Auditing

The accounting industry still needs to be given more attention regarding digitization. One of the causes might be the obligation to adhere to stringent regulatory standards for data quality and dependability.

Blockchain can change accounting in this way. The accounts and reports will be more secure and transparent as a consequence.

  1. Finance Trading

The trade finance industry is another area where blockchain has the potential to transform how things are done. All financial operations for cross-border trade and commerce are categorized as trade finance.

Therefore, the idea of blockchain in this industry aids in streamlining the trade process with digital papers accessible at any time and from any location.

Top Blockchain, Fintech, and Mobile Development Companies in India:

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, NFT, and other cutting-edge technologies are all involved in blockchain development.

Therefore, you must locate a trustworthy partner that can provide accurate solutions combining all necessary third-party solutions.

The top-ranked blockchain development businesses in India are shown below. The mentioned organizations use their noteworthy years of experience and competence to provide worldwide clients with top-notch blockchain development solutions. You can rely on us for trusted fintech app development services matching your exact business needs and objectives.

  1. Mobile Application Development India (MAADI)

One of India’s top companies for developing mobile apps is MAADI. Maadi’s blockchain engineers have a proven track record in providing consultancy services and blockchain application development for businesses in the healthcare, gaming, and financial services sectors. Maadi helps you put together the ideal service bundle based on the nature of your business and other application requirements.

  1. Vrinsoft Technolgy Pvt Ltd

With the industries transitioning into the next phase of digital business, Vrinsoft offers the latest services that will benefit your company by expanding it globally. As one of India’s top online and mobile app development companies, Vrinsoft works closely with clients to provide market-relevant, high-quality products using the latest technologies and trends.

  1. Kellton Tech 

Since 2009, Kellton Tech has offered comprehensive, state-of-the-art IT transformation services, including strategy, consulting, and digital and technological support.

  1. Talentica Software 

A business with rapid growth, Talentica Software creates brand-new products using cutting-edge technology. The company has 18 years of experience, 170 clients from various industries, and a wealth of expertise in blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

  1. Tatva Soft 

Tatva Soft could be a prime custom-made mobile app development firm in Asian country likewise as in United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.   It offers services for developing mobile applications or customized software to Fortune 500 businesses and independent business owners.

  1. MedRec Technologies 

Another leading software and mobile app development business based in India is MedRec Technologies, which also has UK and US offices. The firm works hard to offer innovative digital solutions to today’s organizations.

  1. FuGenX Technologies 

One of the best mobile app development businesses in Bangalore, India, is FuGenX Technologies. The company, which has made innovation a key component of its business strategy, is continuing to change how it does business to accommodate the rapidly evolving mobile technology.

  1. Cabot Solutions 

One of the best FinTech app development firms in India is Cabot Solutions. Cabot has concentrated on developing top-notch digital solutions employing cutting-edge technology since its founding in 2006. The firm creates advanced native and cross-platform mobile apps with a solid understanding of Swift, Objective C, Flutter, Ionic, and React native.

  1. Hyperlink Infosystem 

Top online and mobile app development firm Hyperlink Info System has its headquarters in India. The business creates the top blockchain-based products for many sectors.

  1. Q-Burst

Q-Burst is a worldwide product development and consulting firm for small to substantial businesses that provide cognitive solutions and specialized software development services. Q-Burst serves as an end-to-end solution supplier and R&D partner for many companies.

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Final Thoughts:

Without question, blockchain can bring about a significant digital transformation and technological change in the banking and financing sector, upending their established financial procedures.

Banks can process payments quickly and accurately when they employ this method in their banking system. Blockchain enables the banking industry to deliver superior customer service. Hire the best and most experienced Mobile App Developers in India to achieve the maximum ROI.