What Does it Cost to Hire A Mobile App Developer in India?

by admin ,November 20, 2021

Looking to create a new mobile application for your business? Then you can go to the right place as here we shall have a detailed discussion on mobile app development in India as the overall costs vary on different parameters and requirements. You can use this article to create a development plan too. This will help you to choose the mobile app development company that fits your needs.

With each competitor having its own version you need to act quickly with your mobile app. As this increases your business’s visibility, it encourages better brand recognition and more conversions, hence benefitting your business growth.

Based on Development Platform

The primary factor that influences the overall cost of mobile app development is selecting a platform. It needs the time and budget and a proper roadmap to develop accordingly. Choosing the right framework at first is really necessary, you need to research the one that fits your budget and your business needs as well

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Other

Depending upon Complexity

The complexity of a mobile application depends on various factors. Functionality, features, platform, required design, targeted audience, and much more. The overall production differs according to your business requirements. The ultimate costs depend upon the billable hours spent by the developers you hired.

The overall cost may differ anywhere from 4L- 1.25Cr+ depending upon the different complexities.

Developer’s Experience

Choosing the mobile app developer with or without experience makes a considerable impact on your budget. Because the one with the most experience will cost you more.

Basic/Intermediate iOS developer- Rs1200+ per hour.

Basic/Intermediate Android developer- Rs 1400+ per hour

Xamarin developer- Rs2000+ per hour.

Phonegap Developer- Rs1500+ per hour.


And depends accordingly to all your requirements and the cost varies upon their expertise with years of experience they possess.


Type of Application

Based on which type of application you want to develop the cost varies depending upon the complexities or features you want to add.

  • Simple App
  • Messaging App
  • Gaming App
  • Database App
  • Enterprise App
  • Social Networking App
  • Entertainment App
  • Productivity App
  • Lifestyle App

How To Hire Mobile App Developer

Understand the basics

To have the knowledge of what programming languages can be used to develop your required application is very much important. And should have basic ideas regarding all platforms. Keeping in mind the complexities should be known, additionally, the developer must be well aware of the targeted audience and develop accordingly. 

Evaluate Creativity

In order to stand different from the market and attract consumers to your business, it is very much necessary to evaluate creativity in your mobile application. As innovation plays a major role. Even communication skills and interpersonal skills are at the forefront. Hence choose the developer accordingly. 

Payment Terms

You should have a budget in mind before hiring a mobile developer. Reading this blog has till now given you the estimated mobile app development costs in India. So does it synchronize to your budget? However, it is better to clarify the costs beforehand only. Make sure there are no additional charges. To avoid conflicts later it is much recommended to sign an NDA contract.

Note: Cheapest option is not the best option, choose the best QUALITY.    

Communicate Project Requirements

It is very much important to communicate each detail regarding your business and also of competitors and what exactly you require. Although, the dedicated development company would know exactly how to design and develop an app they would not know about your business and needs. So it is better to let them know what you feel and all your required features and everything relatable.

Skills to Look While Hiring for Android Developer

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • API
  • SQL
  • Flutter
  • Material Design

Skills to Look While Hiring for iOS Developer

  • XCode
  • Cocoa & Cocoa Touch
  • Apple UIKit Framework


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