What is the cost of Hiring an Android Developer in 2023?

Cost of android app development in India

Android is at the top of the chart with 71% of global smartphone users. They have seen steady growth in a number of users for over a decade. Businesses and companies are now diverting all their attention toward creating an android app for their brand. This has created a huge demand for expert and experienced android developers in the market. The flood gates are open and businesses around the world are investing in android app development company in India because of their stellar reputation.

This bags an important question to any newcomer, what is the cost of android app development? The answer is reliant on the development company, the complexity of the mobile app and a few other factors. Let’s find out more about why you should choose android for mobile app development.  

Why Choose Android for App Development in 2023?  

  • Cost Effective

Android app development is fairly cost-effective than any other OS. It’s an open-source platform with free tools like android development studio. Android has huge community support and we can experiment with different designs without breaking the bank. The charges for the app launch on Google play store is also cheaper than iOS app store. 

  • Wider Reach

Just as we mentioned above, more people use android smartphones than any other OS. This is a perfect opportunity for businesses to expand and widen their reach to target customer beyond their border. 

  • Flexibility  

Android provides a wide range of functions and customization for the app development. Android is open source with massive community support which is helpful to solve any issue. Also, making changes to an app design is easier with android than others. 

  • Scalability  

Android application offers crucial steps to scalability. Once you create an android app, it can easily integrate to wearable, tablet or android TV. Android ecosystem allows adaption to IoT, AR, VR and other future trends easily. 

How to Hire an Android Developer? 

Once you decide to make an android app, you need to find android development company. You can choose to work with freelancer as it will cost less but outsourcing it to a reputable development company is more efficient. Here is how to find the right fit for your app, 

1. Make a Plan  

First thing is to create a plan about what type of android app you want to develop. Create a rough design of UI and functions. Make sure to find out more about tech stack that works for your android app. If you start to look forandroid mobile app developer before researching more about your requirement, you won’t be able to convey the correct description for your app. 

2. Find the Developer or Company 

There are numbers of way you can find the right developer. Search it on google and short list candidate. Make sure to find android application development services that has previous experience similar to your requirement. Check their portfolio to learn more about their design and execution. 

3. Set up an Interview  

In order to hire android app developer, we need to follow two-part interview process. One is formal and second is technical. First, we need to ask them about how they work, what is their process and their experience with android development. Once you find the right fit, you can ask them technical questions like, what programming language they prefer, their experience with syntax, basic functions and framework, do they have experience in Software Development Life Cycle and more. 

4. Sign NDA and Start the Work  

Once you select an android app development company, make sure to sign an NDA with them. It is important to keep all data secure and confidential. Once all the paperwork is done, start the process. While this is a standard way of hiring any development company, we also need to set the cost of development. Here is the detail to factor in while creating a budget for android app development.  

How to Calculate Cost to Hire an Android App Developer? 

  • Type and Features  

Android app development cost depends on app type. Such as, if your app is simple and standalone like a calendar or clock, it will cost less. However, if you decided to create an E-commerce app or similar to social media app, it will raise the cost. Same applies with features of the app, a simple app framework with default UI is easy to develop and cost less. But if you are integrating it with other features like AR, IoT and other, the cost will be higher. 

  • Skills and Experience  

One of the major points to consider is the experience and expertise of mobile app developers. There are two types of developers, inexperienced junior developers and highly experienced and skilled senior developers. 

If you decided to hire a freelancer, make sure to ask them about their experience. A newbie developer will charge less but you won’t get the same result as you expected. They don’t have much experience with design and full SDLC of app development. 

However, if you hire a dedicated android app development company, you can get an experienced developer. They have team of experts in every field and they can provide the best version of your app. Skills and experience also impact the duration of development. 

  • Complexity  

The complexity of the app can influence the overall cost of app development. Basically, if the app is simple with basic design, simple UI and no backend, it will cost less. If the app has little backend work, customized UI, some advanced features, the cost is a bit higher. An android app with API or third-party integration, Animation, complicated backend and customized UI has the highest cost. 

  • Location  

Location of the development companies can affect the cost of android app. While hiring an android mobile app developer in India, make sure to find out where are they based. If you hire android app developer in India , they will charge less than other location. The total cost of app development is considered as total sum of working hours. The hourly rate of android app development is deference based on the location. 

If you hire a developer from north American region, they will charge around $150 to $200 per hour. South American developers can charge around $50 to $70 per hour. Most of the south Asia charges $35 to $50 per hour. Any Android App Development Company in India will charge around $20 to $40 per hour. In the end, Cost to Hire an Android App Developer is calculated by all the above factors. 


Android apps have the biggest market share in the world as more than 3 billion people uses android smartphone. It is one of the biggest opportunities any business can ask for. By developing an android app for the business, they can target and advertise to millions of people around the world. More and more businesses are investing in Android App Development Company in India as they have better reputations and experience. One name that stands out from the crowd for android application development services are MAADI. They are leading android developers with a team of expert programmers and years of experience.